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Politics in Books? – Two Roads to Paradise

I recently read Two Roads to Paradise by Gordon Jensen and Cara Highsmith which is the sequel to The Way Out. While this book is very different from the previous book that I read in the series, it is a very interesting read that brought up some questions for me as to how political IContinue reading “Politics in Books? – Two Roads to Paradise”

How Far Should Sci-Fi Be From Reality? – The Way Out

I recently got the chance to participate in a book tour for the Be Careful What You Wish For series by Gordon Jensen and so had the pleasure of checking out The Way Out, the first book in the series! The synopsis of this first book is, “When the Alpha Centauri crew returns to earthContinue reading “How Far Should Sci-Fi Be From Reality? – The Way Out”

Is Character Development Necessary?

When I got the email about participating in this book tour, the concept of this book really excited me and I was super excited to read it. After finishing this book, I feel as though this concept is still great but I didn’t feel as though it was executed quite as well as it couldContinue reading “Is Character Development Necessary?”

My First Mystery of the Year!

When I was in elementary school, I loved reading Nancy Drew books and would take them out 4 at a time from the library. Recently I have been reading a lot more thrillers than mysteries but when I got the invite to be a part of the Darkness Hides book tour, I was super excitedContinue reading “My First Mystery of the Year!”