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How Far Should Sci-Fi Be From Reality? – The Way Out

I recently got the chance to participate in a book tour for the Be Careful What You Wish For series by Gordon Jensen and so had the pleasure of checking out The Way Out, the first book in the series!

The synopsis of this first book is, “When the Alpha Centauri crew returns to earth after a failed mission to explore a distant planet, they quickly learn the world is not how they left it. Under new global leadership, the planet has managed to go decades without conflict, except for one major problem. Thanks to a pandemic caused by a mutation in a new strain of GMO corn, the world’s population plummeted to 2.6 billion, wiping out a disproportionate amount of men and leaving the globe run almost entirely by women. Because of their lack of exposure, the Alpha Centauri crew, especially the men on board, now find themselves in high demand. The Powers that Be think they are the solution, but with that solution comes the inevitable hunger for power and control. As greed, self-interest, and corruption rear their ugly heads, a planet that had found its way to peace is thrust into turmoil once again.”

This book is written as though it is an interview done with the characters who are involved in the events which was definitely interesting as I had never read a science fiction book written in that format. Due to this formatting, I found it difficult to connect with any of the other characters that were not the ones being interviewed because the story was being focused on someone else but it did provide an interesting way to see what each character thought at some point during the events of the story. Hearing from all of the major characters was a nice change from other books and was definitely a cool twist to this book.

The one mildly scary thing about this book is just how possible all of the events seem, especially after various events of the past few years. The chain of events that happens in this book seems as though it is just a couple of steps off of what could happen. Part of this is probably because this story is set not very far in the future and so the society that the book starts with is very similar to what we have today.

My issue with this book was that it felt too political at times and as though it was moving from one issue to another without taking a break. I know that some people enjoy this kind of thing in a book but a lot of the time I read to think about something other than what is going on in the world. I don’t mind the occasional obvious crossing over of current events into books that I am reading but too much crossover starts to feel overwhelming. For readers who don’t mind the real world crossing into their books, this should be perfectly fine but it is something that I wished that I had been prepared for when I began to read this book.

Overall this book is a very interesting read written in a unique style and once I picked it up, I struggled to put it down!


 I received a review copy of this book for free, and I am reviewing this voluntarily.


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