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Welcome to A Crane Between The Pages

Welcome to my blog! I made this so that I have a place to talk about what I am reading. I am a full-time student who also enjoys folding origami on occasion. My love of books and I can be found on Instagram at @acranebetweenthepages.

Latest from the Blog

Trying Middle School Fantasy – The Search for Synergy

I was recently going through a bit of a reading slump when I got an email about the chance to review The Search for Synergy by Brett Salter. This book is a middle school fantasy book and so it is not something I would normally be picking up but I found myself really enjoying it!…

Is Pacing a Crucial Issue? – Fayne

I recently received a copy of Fayne by Ann-Marie MacDonald which was a little bit outside of my comfort zone but I found myself really enjoying the experience! The synopsis is: “In the late nineteenth century, Charlotte Bell is growing up at Fayne, a vast and lonely estate straddling the border between England and Scotland,…

Can You Have Too Many Sports? – The Prism Affect

I recently got the chance to receive a review copy of The Prism Affect by J. Wint and it was a fascinating read! The synopsis of this book is, “Life had never been easy for young Jet Stroud. He is affected by a rare condition known as ephebus mortem, also called the youthful death, and legend says it…

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